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2-pc Lavender & Chamomile Reed Diffuser 100mL

2-pc Lavender & Chamomile Reed Diffuser 100mL

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Freshens air / help relax body & mind

Eliminates unpleasant odor

Excites senses


Fill the air of your room with this reed diffuser with tiny, breathable particles of beneficial essential oils. A well balanced blend of fragrant Lavender and fresh Chamomile to help relax your body and mind and give the room a calmer and more pleasant-smelling ambience.


Essential oil based fragrances, Lavender & Chamomile, natural wood reeds

How To Use

Unscrew the cap and remove seal, insert wood reeds. Allow up to 48 hours for the fragrance to diffuse. We suggest flipping the reeds so the saturated ends are in the air, set the diffuser discretely or you may put it on a shelf or table.

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